A Sneak Preview Of The Brand New 30 Minute Documentary About OAC Founder and President Petra Thaller

A sneak preview of the brand new 30 minute documentary about OAC Founder and President Petra Thaller by the two Bosnian Herzegovinian filmmakers  Zoran Kubura and Bojan Hadžiabdić!
"What happens when visions become reality, Petra Thaller describes in her unique open, straightforward and postitive way. Petra is a full-blooded athlete even though she does a lot of work for OAC. She never misses an opportunity to promote OAC and a healthy lifestyle. In doing so, she starts on one day with Nijaz Memic (coach of the Paralymic Ski Team Bosnia Herzegovina) and Matthias Mayr (CEO OAC) at the Audi Born2Ski ski race in Sarajevo and also takes third place with the OAC team.  - Without any training at all - when would she have had time for that? And the next day in the early morning she starts on a ski tour with Zoran Kubura and Bojan Hadžiabdi for the documentary.
"I don't know where I get my energy from, sometimes I have the impression that I consume energy and get twice as much back - a kind of human perpetuum mobile!" laughs the Munich mountaineer and former cancer patient.

First broadcast at BHT1 the Bosnian national public mainstream TV channel operated by Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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Zoran Kubura (Sarajevo, 1982) left
BH journalist and documentary filmmaker.
He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in 2006 with a documentary titled Primitivizam na prvi pogled (Primitivism at First Sight), which represented his admission ticket to the world of television. Since 2007, he has been working as a journalist, editor and producer at the Documentary Programme Department of BHT1. He has made dozens of feature stories and documentaries for television. He usually works in a creative team with Bojan Hadžiabdić, his regular screenwriting, directing and shooting co-author.

Bojan Hadžiabdić (Sarajevo, 1982)
Video-journalist, editor and producer at the Department of Documentary-Contemporary Programme of BHT1. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo in 2007. He shoots, cuts and edits documentaries, shows and feature stories. He commonly works with his colleague, Zoran Kubura, the two of them having made dozens of titles together.

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