+++ Breaking News +++ OAC Cooperates With And Physio Deutschland

+++ Breaking News +++ OAC Cooperates With And Physio Deutschland
Press release Munich, December 14, 2021
OAC pushes Germany into a healthy future: 
Through the cooperation with and Physio Deutschland, the offer for cancer patients, their families and friends is growing fast.
OAC - Outdoor against Cancer - multiplies the offer for cancer patients and their environment by the number of personal trainers and physiotherapists, who pass the OAC online training to become an OAC Certified Instructor in the respective umbrella organizations of personal trainers and physiotherapists. This means that soon there will be significantly more qualified experts offering therapy-accompanying and preventive training specifically for cancer patients and their environment.

The two cooperation’s fit perfectly with the plans of Petra Thaller, Founder & President of OAC - not only on a national level. "In this way, we are taking a strong stance against the annually growing number of cancer cases," says the powerful lady from Munich. Confronted with the diagnosis of breast cancer herself in 2015, she learned through her illness how important it is to take interventions in addition to conventional medical treatment. This gave rise to OAC, a now internationally active non-profit organization that has declared a fight against cancer. As official supporter of the Nationale Dekade gegen Krebs (National Decade Against Cancer, Germany), OAC is managing to get more and more people from the health care and preventive care sectors interested in the certified program, which is specially tailored to cancer patients. "The fact that we were able to establish cooperative agreements with the umbrella organizations of personal trainers and physical therapists significantly expands our network and range of services. Soon, OAC Certified Instructors will bring significantly more patients and their environment into exercising - that is good, important, and high time," says the energetic changemaker, who still provides the 'original' OAC outdoor training in Munich every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. and is regularly in contact with patients.

Photo: Frank Bertelsmeier, Physio Deutschland
One of the new cooperation partners, Frank Bertelsmeier, responsible for the field of prevention under the roof of Physio Germany, sees the cooperation with OAC as a big step in the right direction. "With this, we manage to carry the topic of prevention more strongly into physiotherapy and make it more visible," says the physiotherapist and deputy head and speaker of the WG Prevention from Lippstadt, "so we continue to expand the field of health promotion and strengthening within physiotherapy.
By the nation-wide network on the site, which OAC offers, patients from the hospital directly to the correct therapist one refers. Making this service available to physio practices across Germany is a real win-win for everyone involved."

Photo: Frank Lemmermann
The association of personal trainers, the second new cooperation partner, is also euphoric about the cooperation with OAC. In total, all personal trainers of the association in Germany now have access to the certified advanced training of OAC. "I am particularly happy about the cooperation with OAC as a personal trainer and alternative practitioner who has been working in a health-oriented way for many years, and I am very pleased that we can support this project in the long term. My enthusiasm is partly due to the integration of the pillars: outdoor activities and sports in nature; healthy, balanced nutrition and the inclusion of psychological well-being," Frank Lemmermann, Managing Director of, comments on the cooperation with OAC. "Why is this so special? Because it is finally an approach that considers the bio-psycho-social aspects of the sick people and the relatives in the support and recovery. There is a lot of talk about this in medicine, but in my view it is implemented far too rarely. Petra Thaller's energy in bringing together different medical disciplines and science with a great deal of dedication and joy is intoxicating. We are sure that there is a lot of potential in the activities that OAC is initiating in every aspect."
In 2022, the cooperation partners, through the members of both associations, aim to create a nationwide OAC prevention program for cancer patients, their families and friends. Based on the four OAC pillars: outdoor activities and sports, healthy environment, balanced nutrition and psychological well-being
"In doing so, we are meeting the requirements of the Nationale Dekade gegen Krebs (National Decade Against Cancer, Germany) and Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and are establishing a network that is easily scalable both on a European and international level. Of course, always taking into consideration the socio-cultural conditions of the respective country," outlines Petra Thaller about to the coming years, for which many further cooperation requests from all over the world are already becoming visible.
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OAC Europe & Beyond
OAC was created by Petra Thaller, a mountaineer and journalist from Munich, Germany. The focus of the OAC offer is primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of cancer diseases through outdoor activities and sports, healthy environment, balanced diet and psychological well-being.  In 2016 Petra Thaller followed the invitation of the European Commission to Brussels to participate as a speaker in the European workshop: 'The fight against Cancer is a team sport, the role of education and sports.’
 Further invitations to Brussels followed in 2017 and 2018. In 2019-2020, OAC was a lead partner in the first EU-funded HEPA (Health Enhancing Physical Activity) project with the goal of outdoor sports and exercising as cancer prevention actions. 
Project name: Outdoor against Cancer: move yourself, go out and live.  OAC: my goal (603021-EPP-1-DE-SPO-SCP).
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