Embracing Holistic Health: Follow the OAC Model of a Healthy Lifestyle for Cancer Survivorship

OAC Lead Session 5: Physical Activity for Prevention and Preservation at the Digestive Cancers Europe Masterclass June 28, 2024 during ESMO in Munich.

Discover the profound benefits of Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports as the Cornerstone Pillar (1) and its impact on holistic health, alongside the other three OAC Key Pillars: (2) Balanced Nutrition, (3) Sustainability & Nature, and (4) Physical & Mental Well-being.
Learn how these four OAC Key Pillars integrate to optimise health, promote sustainable living, and nurture overall well-being, empowering cancer survivors to achieve a vibrant, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle. This workshop is tailored for cancer survivors, advocates, healthcare professionals, and academia, offering actionable insights for enhancing well-being.
Explore our OAC-Certified Training for Holistic Cancer Support, where you can learn to tailor exercise programs for cancer patients, earn certifications (60 CME for Medical Doctors on an international level), and contribute to global cancer initiatives.

Ph.D. Rūdolf Cešeiko (Riga, Latvia) is an exercise physiologist and leading specialist at the Exercise Oncology Clinic.  With a particular interest in exercise oncology, his main work is to elucidate research results in aerobic endurance training and neuromuscular force-generating capacity in clinical care. The essential purpose of his research and clinical practice is to identify effective exercise programs for cancer patients and survivors to develop effective tools for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Dr. Tom Degenhardt, OAC Medical Director and General Practitioner, Munich, Germany
In private I love being outdoors. As a passionate climber, skier, hiker, paraglider I know about the positive impact on my well-being during and after active time outdoors. Fresh air, good company and physical activity is my secret recipe for inner motivation and resilience.
As a Gynecologist and General Practitioner with a special interest in research and treatment of cancer I am always trying to help patients to improve their quality of life and outcome. Sport is the best evidence based and highly effective supportive therapy without any negative side effects therefore my goal is to motivate all patients to be active. OAC is a great opportunity for patients to meet, exchange and improve their health status and fitness level in a friendly but professional environment.
The combination of profession, personal interest and high efficacy of physical activity is the basis for my commitment to OAC.​" Tom Degenhardt

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