ESV München e.V.: New OAC Partner For Munich

ESV München e.V.: New OAC Partner For Munich

OAC and ESV München e.V. join forces for Munich cancer patients, their families, and friends

Since July 2021, selected ESV trainers have been undergoing OAC certification so that they can meet the requirements for the OAC exercise and sports offer for cancer patients, their families and friends. From late summer, our OAC outdoor sports program, certified by the European Union and the Bavarian Medical Association (BLÄK, 60 training points for doctors), will be available to Munich cancer patients, their families, and friends. Of course, the sports offer of ESV München e.V. summer and winter will also take place outdoors, i.e., in nature.

"We are going down this path with the sports clubs so that we can continue to keep people in sporting shape in the future. In Germany, we are very fortunate that this opportunity to do sports exists at all. The first step in OAC training offers is to pick up people, in our case cancer patients, their families and friends, where they currently stand - in a crisis.
Cancer is not only a crisis for those affected, but also for their family and friends.
OAC Outdoor Sport and Exercise offers are designed in such a way that physically weakened cancer patients in therapy can train in the same OAC training group as patients who have already successfully completed their therapy a few years ago and are fit and healthy. This is motivating, and really motivating! ", OAC founder and president Petra Thaller

With 8,000 members, ESV München e.V. is Munich's largest sports club and OAC's home sports club, so it was only natural to take this important step for Munich's citizens. Incidentally, all those who have always wanted to start doing sports again can also take part in these OAC course offerings at ESV München e.V. and do something for their health.

The magic 40%:
· Outdoor exercise and sport reduce the risk of developing cancer by 40%. Source: Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, page 7
· Outdoor exercise and sports reduce side effects of cancer therapies by 40%. Source: Hojmanet al, Molecular Mechanisms Linking Exercise to Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Cell Metabolism (2017)

 OAC stands for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention through outdoor sport and exercise - for everyone!
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