Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) Profile

Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) Profile
Outdoor against Cancer (OAC) is an internationally operating NGO that has made health its mission. Already active in health education and cancer prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary) OAC has expanded its focus from cancer to all non-communicable diseases (NCDs), through promotion of the four OAC pillars of a healthy lifestyle: (1) Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports; (2) Balanced Nutrition; (3) Sustainability & Nature; (4) Physical & Mental Well-Being.

To achieve its goals, OAC is involved in various EU co-financed projects that deal with disease prevention and health promotion, education, and awareness in the areas of cancer and NCDs. The heart and focus of OAC's work lies in transferring theoretical knowledge into practical action. OAC is significantly involved in the EU's health policy with its own project proposals, as a partner in several other project proposals but also as a keynote and speaker at various European conferences on cancer and NCDs. Always looking for new ways, tools, and partners to reach and positively influence more people, whether through apps, podcasts, or extended reality, OAC is in constant motion to reach as many people as possible. 

As the transfer of knowledge is the main task of OAC, the NGO focuses on improving the didactic approach. How do I convey partially known knowledge to people of all the different age-groups? And not just on a local level, but scalable across Europe and globally. As OAC cooperates with EU-wide and international partners, the transfer of knowledge must be adapted accordingly, regardless of economic, social, or cultural factors. Health is a fundamental human right and must be treated as such. 

Furthermore, OAC excels in networking and international communication. This includes fostering collaboration among stakeholders in sports, environment, nutrition, psychological well-being, outdoor sports companies, global sports entities, international corporations, pharmaceutical  and political spheres. As well as digital implementation of projects internationally. Digital tools and automated processes ensure extensive reach and visibility.

OAC undertakes further internationalization efforts, initiating initial steps in non-European countries, including Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, Bosnia Herzegovina, and India. OAC's work is recognized in Germany by the National Decade against Cancer, an initiative supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

NEWS 2023

- WHO Health 4 All Film Festival; Category Very Short Film: "Choose the Healthy Way"
- Physical Activities for Pancreatic Cancer PatientsEUROPEAN PARLIAMENT EVENT, Brussels 

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