Outdoor Fun for Health: RYHEALTH Movement Day with Outdoor Against Cancer and Campus di Monaco

Outdoor Fun for Health: RYHEALTH Movement Day with Outdoor Against Cancer and Campus di Monaco
School in motion 

On September 25th, the first RYHEALTH Movement Day came to life at the Utopia adventure playground in Munich, welcoming students from grades 1 to 6 from the Campus di Monaco. This special day, made possible through a partnership with project ally Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC), saw over 120 enthusiastic children embracing the opportunity to embark on exciting physical adventures.

One highlight of the event was the exhilarating experience of scaling a seven-meter high climbing tower. Guided by two seasoned climbers, the students and even teachers of all ages defied their doubts and reached the pinnacle of the tower, a feat that instilled self-confidence and radiant smiles. The children were eager for more, with one student from the 3-4 class exclaiming: "Today I climbed for the first time. At first, I thought the tower was too high, I wouldn't make it. I am very proud and want to try again right now!"

The RYHEALTH Movement Day catered to a wide range of interests with activities like football, hula hoops, juggling, and frisbee, ensuring that there was something for everyone.

At the water station, participants had the chance to learn about the importance of water in the human body and various foods. Who would have imagined that a 7-year-old should aim to consume one and a half liters of water daily? Knowledge about hydration and its significance was a valuable takeaway.

After four hours of exercise, nourishing food, basking in the sun, and connecting with nature, everyone returned to school, a bit tired but immensely content. The event was an all-around success, aligning seamlessly with the four pillars of the RYHEALTH project: The Activity Project, The Food Project, The Happiness Project, and The Sustainability Project.

Rock Your Health (RYHEALTH) is a project of six partners (including Campus di Monaco and Outdoor Against Cancer) from four European countries. The goal is a holistic concept with a great impact on health promotion and disease prevention. The target audience spans from primary and secondary school students, their teachers, and families.

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